The Team

The Berrow Fellows comprise of 2 experienced Dally Drivers from Inkberrow, Worcestershire.

Inkberrow's claim to fame is that the Radio 4 radio program the Archers is loosely based on the village and surrounding area.

Rill Hill works for Brooklyn the local Ford dealership (which is why we are looking for a trusty Ford Fiesta).

Steve Neal also lives in the village and works at Tapcast Computer Services helping to keep computer systems up and running in the Worcestershire/Warwickshire area.

the team is formed

The Day that the heroes formed The Berrow Fellows
to take part in the Mongol Rally 2007.

Team Berrow Fellows

Steve Neal & Richard Hill

Steve & Richard happen to be brother-in-laws but also enjoy the odd beer or two together wherever they can in the world. Having shared a number of trips abroad together Richard realises how grumpy Steve really can be when he’s tired & had one Babycham too many. Steve realises Richard is almost perfect in every way (Steve – you may want to edit?)

Brooklyn Motors Plc

Founded by Richard’s grandfather in 1935 just outside Inkberrow. Now holds the franchise for Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Skoda & Citroen with garages in the Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire & Herefordshire. Prides itself on Customer service & outstanding value. Has a history in Motorsport preparing cars for the likes of Russell Brookes, Gwyndaf Evans, Phil Collins, Chris Hodgetts & even Ayrton Senna


Description of Richard Michael Hill Aged 36 & a half going on 11!

This is my Gap year I never had. The prospect of exploring new parts of the world without a tour guide showing you around kind of appeals.

Being 36 years of age & the youngest of three children I was understandably the forgotten one, the one who had hand me downs & had to make do – all in all pretty hard done by!! (All very true obviously!)

Reality is I am 36, extremely happily married (as Clare tells me) with 2 children, Emily 9  and Matthew 7, Charlie the cat & Tilly the dog.  I work in the family Motor Trade business so cars have really been part of my life forever. Steve & I have been thinking of doing something ever since we saw Ewan McGregor & Charlie Boorman in The Long Way Round. Did I really think we’d ever do it?  (possibly not!). 

Favourite Food: Chocolate & Uzbekistan roadkill

Favourite Holiday: All, but skiing if pushed for an answer as well as sleeping rough in a car with another bloke in the middle of a country called ‘something-stan’

Favourite Car: Aston Martin & Fiesta 1000cc


richard attempting to cookrichard in the AlpsRichard and EmilyRichard in Samoens


Description of Stephen Neal Aged slightly over 36 & a half!

This trip is the chance to drive through countries that until 2 months ago had names I couldn't even spell.

Richard was quite keen to do the rally on his own, but I insisted on navigating (Richard can't even find his way to the bathroom, without Clare's directions)

I am the oldest of 3 and obviously the one that all rely on, the most successful / perfect / handsome etc. etc. etc.

I once went on a Ferrari test drive day.

I have been living happily in Inkberrow for the last 10 years, with my wife Jane, and my two 2 children, first and most importantly my favourite son, Thomas (who happens to be writing this webpage), and the other one - James.

Favourite Food: Anything put in front of me that i didn't have to work for.

Favourite Holiday: SKIING

Favourite cars: TVR and Morgan




Steve Chainsaw Massacre video

Richard and Steve tent video

'Don't Stop Me Now' - Nothing to do with Berrow Fellows, but it's a good song - compiled by Tom


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